phpShort v3.2 – PHP短网址平台源码免费下载

phpShort v3.2 – PHP短网址平台源码免费下载

提起这个源码,本站还是发布了该作者的一些其他源码,比如phpAnalytics – Web Analytics Platform、phpSearch – Search Engine Platform、phpSound – Music Sharing Platform、phpSocial – Social Network Platform,这次作者改了套路了,使用了laravel框架编写,reishi在本地测试了一下,汉化可以控制前后台,可以设置多域名,还可以开设套餐等诸多功能,值得使用。

更新日志 3.2.0 – 24 February 2021

  • Added support for the advanced features to the multiple link creator
  • Added support for special characters in shortened links (they’re now saved decoded)
  • Added Cronjob for automatic cache deletion
  • Fixed referrer not working as expected
  • Fixed the referrer not being passed along on redirects with Pixel consent enabled
  • Other minor improvements

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